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You are browsing an archived site for a previous Northern Spark event. To visit the current site click here.

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Material World

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Target’s South Tower lights up with a new project by Jim Campbell, creator of last year’s spectacular Scattered Light installation. 

The Peloton

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

A peloton is the pack of cyclists in a race. In this project, visitors to Northern Spark are invited to mount a group of bicycles rigged to a stage. These participants pedal, affecting the show through the electricity they generate. The show, visible to the public, will take the pack of cyclists on a ride through a strange neighborhood of characters. Leading the pack of the Peloton will be a wooden marionette cyclist, who guides the ride. The Peloton creates a hilarious, implausible scenario as a way to reflect on how we manage the almost miraculous act of sharing streets, sidewalks, and neighborhoods with each other.

When the Peloton is not in “show” mode, it is available for ad hoc dance parties: just plug in an MP3 player. Not only can you generate tunes for passersby and friends; by pushing through the bike pedals, you can feel the effort required to amplify your music. It’s an opportunity to experience what it takes to generate electricity. The shows occur once an hour. Sign up to ride at the site of the Peloton.

Presented by Northern with support from Forecast Public Art, The Playwrights’ Center, Red Eye Theater, and the Jerome Foundation.

Janaki Ranpura

Janaki Ranpura believes in making it fun to live cheek-to-jowl. She builds nomadic structures that promote enjoyment of human density. As a designer, she values intimacy and mobility. She unites technology with the traditional stagecraft of puppet theater. Projects evolve from her experience as a performer, community artist, writer, and designer for parades and stage.

whiteonwhite: algorithmicnoir

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

whiteonwhite:algorithmicnoir is a noirish film that never ends and never really begins. A computer dubbed “The Serendipity Machine” continuously shuffles 3,000 shots, 80 voice-overs, and 150 pieces of music, creating an ever-changing story involving Holz (Jeff Wood), a geophysicist stuck in a 1970s-era metropolis called City-A. Just as its citizens are subjected to time manipulations, Holz’s own fate is dictated by the machine editing this film. 2011, video.

Artist’s Cinema is made possible by generous support from Elizabeth Redleaf.

Located in the Lecture Room of the Walker Art Center.


Friday, February 10th, 2012

TönöSauna is a wood-burning sauna shanty built from a salvaged 1966 Avion travel trailer located in Minneapolis. It is a social and civic space, a mobile new media platform for public talks, art, and presentations in which people can rest and warm themselves during the harsh winter months of the Upper Midwest. The Avion’s aluminum skin is the same as World War II military aircraft, now reclaimed in service of the public good. The custom-built interior mimics the construction of the trailer and contains curved, organic CAD/CAM fabricated benches. TönöSauna is an ergonomic landscape meant to accommodate a wide variety of body positions and body types.

We designed a series of 3D modeled and CAD/CAM fabricated inflatable structures to accompany the sauna at Northern Spark. The inflatables will be filled with snow, providing an artificial wintry landscape for visitors to inhabit in tandem with TönöSauna. The snowy inflatables will contain a field of LEDs, which respond to the atmospheric qualities and offer an interactive component to the spaces. The form and orientation of the inflatables will create a procession of expanding and contracting spaces to and from the sauna. Each inflatable will accommodate a different number of people and activities.

TönöSauna was originally commissioned by Art Shanty Projects 2012, a four-week art event on frozen Medicine Lake, Minnesota. We built a sauna because it is an important and restorative social space in the Upper Midwest, where temperatures dip below -20 degrees Celsius more than thirty days of the year. By making the sauna mobile, we can bring it to Twin Cities neighborhoods unfamiliar with or underserved by such a needed social space. We encourage people to come out of their homes and join others at the public talks, sound installations, and classes in the TönöSauna.

Under Ice

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Life continues under ice.

Lighting and projection artist Michael Murnane attempts a rare and sometimes frightening glimpse into the living world under ice. After ice has formed on the surface of a lake or river, it becomes an eerie ghostly environment of darkness, with fleeting images of life, and of silence, broken only with an occasional thundering crack.

Using high-resolution projectors, live multilayer playback technology, and stage lighting, Murnane will project massive images on the historic Pillsbury A Mill on Main Street in Minneapolis. These images were collected through the ice and reveal his reflections and feelings from years of ice fishing with his father, as he wondered what was going on through the hole as well as in his own life.

Michael Murnane

Minneapolis lighting designer Michael Murnane loves to point lights and projectors at just about anything in an effort to create a unique environment. A thirty-year veteran of theatrical lighting design, he has lit hundreds of shows in the United States, Canada, China, Tanzania, Kenya, and several countries in Europe. He works in a wide range of theatrical genres, including theater, opera, concerts, galas, architecture, television, and corporate events, and his designs consistently win praise for their powerful emotional tone.