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You are browsing an archived site for a previous Northern Spark event. To visit the current site click here.

Film Society of Minneapolis St. Paul, MN Film Shorts

Main Street

MN Film Shorts

See selections from the best of the MN-made shorts program at this year’s MSP International Film Festival at this late-night outdoor screening.

‘92 Skybox Alonzo Mourning Rookie Card

Jim and Dave, two brothers who don’t like each other very much, are forced to come together when their dad dies in Kansas City. Dave is pretty sure he has an Alonzo Mourning Skybox Series rookie card, but Jim has other ideas.

DIRECTED BY Todd Sklar, 12 min

Little Wolf

While trying to escape from two deadly hillbillies, Lowell and baby Samantha seek refuge in the most unusual place, ultimately being pinned against humanity, empathy, and faith.

DIRECTED BY Christopher Peck, min


A successful businessman just living his life is thrust into a puzzling chain of events. After he returns from the war, as past and present fuse, he is forced to confront a haunting mystery.

DIRECTED BY Darin Heinis, 16 min

The Well

A detached young outsider has trouble interacting with anybody, instead preferring to simply observe. When he follows his fellow classmate into the woods, he discovers a secret of hers involving an old well, and decides to investigate further.

DIRECTED BY Christopher Jopp, 10 min

Seeking Sasquatch

A comedy about famed Sasquatch hunter and TV host Karl Patterson, and his fiery wife, Patty. Upon learning of Karl’s plan to search the Arctic with his sexy Russian co-host in search of Sasquatch’s Arctic cousin, Patty tells Karl the unthinkable: Sasquatch doesn’t exist!

DIRECTED BY Jim Morgan, 8 min

The Pony Collector

A young boy searches for a missing pony figure that was given to him by his absent father. A sensitive, charming tale with some moments of magic.

DIRECTED BY Jason Ho, 14 min

Little Words

A story of disappointment and rejection. Set in the early 60’s, R. M. Brusse is a post-modernist writer who hopes to get her first novel published.

DIRECTED BY Ann Prim, 14 min

White Space

Follows the inner life of a deaf performance poet as he makes his debut at an open-mic night for a hearing audience. Can the language of the heart emancipate the inner voice, transcending the white space between a hearing audience and a deaf man’s soul?

DIRECTED BY Maya Washington, 9 min