You are browsing an archived site for a previous Northern Spark event. To visit the current site click here.

You are browsing an archived site for a previous Northern Spark event. To visit the current site click here.

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Northern Spark is the only all-night arts festival in the Midwest—a free, public, dusk-to-dawn nuit blanche that ignites the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul in an explosion of urban art. Performances, visual arts, projected images, interactive media, and participatory events bring together a multitude of artists and create hundreds of art projects in partnership with numerous arts organizations at multiple venues. It’s all people, all arts, all night.

Northern Spark unites audience and artists in an unexpected, unscripted adventure under the cover of darkness. The fun is in curating your own experience, sampling the coolest cultural mash-up in the Twin Cities. Your attendance triggers the collective buzz of discovery as you explore familiar terrain

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on strange and wonderful terms. And your support makes it all possible: consider joining the Kickstarter campaign for one or more of the Northern Spark artists.

Support Northern Spark

Northern Spark supports artists who work creatively in the public sphere and offers a constellation of urban art for all people, illuminating the Twin Cities in a new light for one exceptional night. We invite you to become a co-creator of this remarkable event by supporting one—or all—of the artists’ projects for this year’s festival.

Support Northern

Northern is dedicated to supporting the work of exciting artists—emerging and established, local and international, new media and unplugged—in any medium in nontraditional locations, from the top of the Foshay Tower at 4 am, to a Giant Sing Along (“song-on-a-stick”) at the Minnesota State Fair.