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Schroeter, Schoen, Everine, Stramer, Ogren, Baumann, Rhyner, Miller, and Blomgren, Thee Sashay Shantay

Main Street

Thee Sashay Shantay

The top floor of a derelict Victorian house holds a treasure-hunting fashion journey. The roof of the house meets the pavement, suggesting that the other stories were overtaken by an apocalyptic urban improvement rezoning project or some other natural disaster: the attic peacefully crests the surface of the pavement and remains phenomenally intact. Light wafts through its ancient ceiling boards; pigeons and spiders roost in the rafters. The interior of the attic is outfitted with homespun eccentricities of a rugged,
survivalist grandma’s house—a real wildebeest hide hangs in a corner and steamer chests are stacked around the room to create secret nooks and crannies of wonder. We invite the public into a surreal yet intimate space where people can discover its whimsical and innovative design.