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Eunsu Kang, Shin’m Piñata

W Minneapolis – The Foshay

Shin’m Piñata

When you walk into the Great Room of W Minneapolis–The Foshay, you will see colorful candy drops forming the shape of your body in video projections, which then explode when you move close to the projection.

Shin’m Piñata is an interactive audiovisual system created for the Northern Spark 2012 festival by Eunsu Kang, Donald Craig and Diana Garcia-Snyder. It is based on the artists’ Shin’m 2.0 project and its interactive system developed in 2011 with the Kinect sensor. As an interactive installation, Shin’m Piñata welcomes you to play.

Throughout the night, Diana Garcia-Snyder will dance with her interactive “piñata.” The dance starts in the middle of the crowd outside the Great Room. The dancer moves only when members of the audience touch her; otherwise she remains still. Through interactive participation, the dancer and the crowd move into the Great Room together. She jumps in and dances with her piñata and also with the audience. Participants are invited to join in the dance as well as interact with their own piñatas.