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Kermit Boyum, Matt Nupen, Shanty of Wonder

Main Street

Shanty of Wonder

Celebrating what makes ice fishing a wonderful Minnesota pastime, the Shanty of Wonder was created to inspire a sense of mystery and whimsy on top of the harsh environment of a frozen lake. Stop in and feel free to experiment with the mechanisms that cover our walls. Try to break the code on our bank vault door, or simply leave a message in a bottle to your future self (or the fish—most people leave messages for the fish). Remember to mind your fingers, always take a step back when unleashing the energy in unknown machines, and please bring cocoa.

(The fish are happy that we are reaching out to them and enjoy the opportunity to learn about the crazy things happening above water. Just please do not ask if you can eat them: they do not care for that. They understand that they will be eaten sooner or later, if not by something above the water then definitely by a larger fish. They prefer to live in the moment, the blissful yet ignorant moment.)