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Peng Wu, Matthew Szklarz, and Jack Pavlik, Midnight Mario

Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Midnight Mario

“A single coin may have the power to change your destiny . . . ”

Pianta, Super Mario Sunshine

A traditional child’s game of jump rope meets the high tech world of Xbox Kinect in this interactive installation. A robotic arm turns the rope as the participant jumps into a projected Super Mario Bros. backdrop where the only objective is to hit the brick and make the gold coins rain down. Based on the super spare Super Mario Bros. arcade game (1983 version) but no longer a narrative of combating monsters and saving distressed damsels, this game arouses nostalgia but compels the heroic jumpers to keep on jumping. Alas, one never knows when enough gold coins are enough—but make a mistake and your turn is over.

Presented by Gallery 148 (a student-curated exhibition program) at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

Peng Wu

Peng Wu is an MFA student at MCAD.