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Janaki Ranpura, The Peloton

Main Street

Constructing The Peloton. Photo Credit: Janaki Ranpura.

Preparing the bikes for The Peloton. Photo Credit: Janaki Ranpura.

The Peloton

A peloton is the pack of cyclists in a race. In this project, visitors to Northern Spark are invited to mount a group of bicycles rigged to a stage. These participants pedal, affecting the show through the electricity they generate. The show, visible to the public, will take the pack of cyclists on a ride through a strange neighborhood of characters. Leading the pack of the Peloton will be a wooden marionette cyclist, who guides the ride. The Peloton creates a hilarious, implausible scenario as a way to reflect on how we manage the almost miraculous act of sharing streets, sidewalks, and neighborhoods with each other.

When the Peloton is not in “show” mode, it is available for ad hoc dance parties: just plug in an MP3 player. Not only can you generate tunes for passersby and friends; by pushing through the bike pedals, you can feel the effort required to amplify your music. It’s an opportunity to experience what it takes to generate electricity. The shows occur once an hour. Sign up to ride at the site of the Peloton.

Presented by Northern with support from Forecast Public Art, The Playwrights’ Center, Red Eye Theater, and the Jerome Foundation.

Janaki Ranpura

Janaki Ranpura believes in making it fun to live cheek-to-jowl. She builds nomadic structures that promote enjoyment of human density. As a designer, she values intimacy and mobility. She unites technology with the traditional stagecraft of puppet theater. Projects evolve from her experience as a performer, community artist, writer, and designer for parades and stage.