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Gallery13, SPARK3DS



SPARK3DS is an exhibition and mini symposium that explores the world of digital sculpture: sculpture created using virtual tools such as Rapid Prototype Machines (3-D printers), CNC Milling Machines, and Laser Router/Laser Cutters—all of which are software based design and sculpture / maker tools that produce machine printed or machine cut 2-D or 3-D objects.

SPARK3DS: An Exhibition of 3-D Printed Sculpture

Artist Receptions and Opening:  Sat. June 9th, 7 pm – 2 am

The focus of this exhibition and mini symposium is to expose artists and designers to an incredible art and design production resource that is just coming of age: customized, on demand, digital production for the individual studio practice. We are entering a period of time where artist are going to have core access to powerful software and machines that will aid them in the creation and manufacture of one work or a thousand works, right from their desk tops.  While that is already happening for a group of artists and designers who are early 3D Print adopters, nationally and internationally, most studio artists and designers have not developed the resources or working knowledge that will enable their participation in this highly customizable digital, machine, production technology. 3-D Printing is the harbinger of a revolution that will help build a local and sustainable, creative economy: the digital studio. 


Symposium: Sat.  June 9th 10 am -3pm
Open to artists, designers, educators, and the public.
Gallery13 will host artists and the general public at a Mini Symposium on Saturday June 9th: 10am-3pm where industry along with visiting artists will participate in a forum of presentations, discussions and demonstrations. In this symposium participating and visiting artists will talk about their work and how digital production impacts creativity, production, and studio practice.  Discussing and learning about individual and collective experience in the studio  will  provide a much needed basic and practical look at this new and more accessible art production industry.  Finally we want attendees to better understand and grasp the vast amount of activity taking place, bubbling below the surface, in this area of the arts and to be able to come away with information that will help guide artists into this new area creativity, production, and art making.
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