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Whittier Artists in Storefronts, Busk until Dawn

First and First’s Ice House Court

Steven Lang's photography at 35 E. Franklin. Photo courtesy Whittier Artists in Storefronts

Busk until Dawn

A new participant in Northern Spark in 2012, Whittier Artists in Storefronts presents “Busk Till Dawn,” a European-styled fête featuring the best local acoustic, spoken word, and avant-garde street performances in the arms of the recently transformed Romanesque-revival remains of the Metropolitan Theatre (now Icehouse Court) at 2540 Nicollet Avenue. Performances begin at 9 pm and run through the night until the sun comes up.  Lightsaber guided walking tours of the Whittier Artists in Storefronts project throughout the evening!  Prepare yourself for a dimly lit vaudevillian carnival amid ruins filled with beautiful melodies and incredibly dazzling weirdos!

Set times are as follows:
9pm        Hillbilly Heroin
9:30        Danny Viper
10:00      Jaime Carrera’s “Tragicomico”
10:15      Jezebel Jones and Her Wicked Ways
11:00      Paul Dickinson and the Riot Act Literary Series
11:15      Mary Mack
12:00      Patches and Gretchen
12:45      Jaime Carrera’s “Tragicomico”
1:00       Upstate
2:00       Rana May of the Riot Act Literary Series
2:30       Busk Till Dawn!!!!

Performance Artists and Buskers will be staged throughout the park from 9pm-6 am.

Presented by Joan Vorderbruggen with support from Whittier Alliance, Eat Street Social, The Lost and Found, and Dunn Brothers!.