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Christopher Alday and Kate Thomas, Spark in the Park

Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Spark in the Park

In keeping with Northern Spark’s theme of “think and wonder,”Spark in the Park is a mix of mental and physical activities spread across two grassy spaces. To the left will be “think,” a simple zine workshop. The zines will be created with a simple template and mark-making tools; prompts will encourage participants to think as they create. To the right will be “wonder,” which features glow in the dark frisbees and badminton with LED-lit birdies.

On the hour, a dance party will bring the two sides, like two halves of the brain, together. These parties will last the duration of one song and will include flashlights, confetti, and glowsticks. At the end of the song, refreshed participants may return to their previous activity, switch sides, or move on throughout Northern Spark.

Presented by Gallery 148 (a student-curated exhibition program) at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Christopher Alday

Christopher Alday is a junior at MCAD with a concentration in print, paper, and book arts.

Kate Thomas

Kate Thomashas a BFA in design from CalArts and is pursuing an MFA in visual studies at MCAD.