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To help you navigate the festival’s over 120 activities, we’ve invited a few people to make a list of projects they don’t want to miss. They simply made a selection using the site’s My Night feature (and then we added their lists as a filter on the artist list called “My Night Highlights”). Follow in their footsteps, or make your own!

This list comes from Margaret Pezalla-Granlund, one of the 2012 Northern Spark artists.

Christine Baeumler, Reconstituting the Landscape: A Tamarack Rooftop Restoration
I love Christine’s work, and know to expect something thoughtful and inspiring. I’ve seen the sketches for this project, and can’t wait to see the real thing.

The Bell Museum, Bat Detection
One of my favorite summer activities is walking home after dark in our neighborhood, accompanied by the quick flashing shadows of bats. How do they navigate?

Highpoint Center for Printmaking and the Bakken Museum, Lake Street Luminary Promenade
I like Lake Street, and I like Highpoint, and it will be lovely to see both illuminated.

Margaret Pezalla-Granlund, Journey to the Surface of Mars
I pretty much have to go to this one. And there will be cookies. And I’m looking forward to talking to people about Mars.

Raptor Center, Raptor Meet-and-Greet
It’s raptors!!!

Scott Sayre and Vanessa Voskuil, Midnight Padhandling
I would participate in this project if I could — I am just so curious to see how they’ve deployed the technology.

Tetsuya Yamada and Clive Murphy with U of M students, Pizza/Calliope
Pizza and music. Outdoors, at night.