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To help you navigate the festival’s over 120 activities, we’ve invited a few people to make a list of projects they don’t want to miss. They simply made a selection using the site’s My Night feature (and then we added their lists as a filter on the artist list called “My Night Highlights”). Follow in their footsteps, or make your own!

This list comes from Bryan Kenney, Exhibit Project Leader at the Science Museum of Minnesota.

I’m a big time science nerd, spending my spare time playing with computers and collecting records. Somehow, I also get paid to work with a bunch of geniuses, making exhibits at the Science Museum of Minnesota.

Bat Detection & Capturing Insects
Humans detecting bats. Humans capturing insects. Excited to show nature who’s boss. Or ya know, learn about my environment…
Dakota Combo Jazz Ensemble
Earnest teens playing jazz that I can’t normally afford to see. Win win.
ARTCRANK & LOCUS Architecture, Treadprint Posters
I’ve always wondered what the road thinks my bike looks like. This activity matches my artistic abilities quite well.
Ta-coumba Aiken and the Kitty Andersen Youth Science Center, Celebration of Life, Energy and Power: Views of Our World
I might have teared up the last time I saw a presentation by the folks in the Kitty Anderson Youth Science Center. Interested to see what they bring to the night.
Keetra Dean Dixon, Swing Hall, Swing All
I’m not sure what this is, but there will be lots of swings. I think I can take a chance on that.
Caly McMorrow, Observation Tape Deck
How have I lived here for more than a decade, and never summited the Foshay? Excited for the view and these interesting audio recordings.
David Goldes and Jonathan Bruce Williams, THE Northern Spark
Electricity! Excited to see some electrons get excited.
Night Vision Tours: All Will Be Illuminated
After I get good and sweaty biking around to the wild sparks and loud music, I’m sure I’ll enjoy chilling out and getting contemplative at the Weisman.
Diane Willow, tuning the sky
This seems exactly like a really cool science museum exhibit. I’m mostly checking this one out to steal the idea.
Tetsuya Yamada and Clive Murphy with U of M students, Pizza/Calliope
Did you see the drawing on this one? I’ll be on the end that’s shooting out pizzas. Late night snack, before I collapse.