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On the designing of Kolam stencils, In Habit’s director Piotr Szyhalski writes:

“For the IN HABIT project I have made a set of 16 stencils to be printed during the performances. This unusual aspect of the project is perhaps the most direct reference to the South Indian tradition of Kolam drawing. I found the idea of constructing fragile and ephemeral images using rice powder extremely inspiring, and wanted to include this gesture in the performance. When working on the designs I was attempting to maintain an aesthetic connection with the traditional Kolam lines, while infusing it with a diagramatic, map-like forms. The stencils offer a glimpse into the conceptual and structural underpinning of each dance. Each of the 16 dance sections opens with the design printed on stage using the rice powder. Much like with the street Kolam, the designs are vulnerable to the activity of the day. As you can see in the images, the prints are transformed during the performance, and new compositions emerge.”