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Bumps in the Night


Starting at June 9th at dusk you’ll have 8 1/2 hours to take in a variety of art across all of Minneapolis. With 200+ artists and 120 projects, to say there is a lot going on is an understatement.

We will be using social media to keep you updated on any changes in locations and times of projects as well as documenting the magic of the evening. Follow @northernspark on twitter to keep in the loop.


Our coverage of the event on twitter will be a group effort. Posts for @northern_spark will be coming from three people:  Tom (@TRL)Stacy (@Staciaann) and Joel (@MNoriginal). We will have some help Carl (@Catiyas) and CakeIn15 (@CakeIn15) as well so make sure to follow all of these people throughout the evening for the latest and greatest of the festival. We’ll be focusing on Zone A (Stone Arch / Main St) but expect photos & updates from across Minneapolis.


We developed a mobile app that allows you to tweet about specific projects throughout the night. You can find more information about how the app works HERE. You can use the app to tweet about projects with the potential to win some prizes throughout the night.


Whether you are posting on your mobile device or the app, make sure you use the hash tag #NSPK 


If this isn’t enough, we are working with a ton of partners who use twitter on a regular basis that will have coverage throughout the evening. We listed them below by zone and included info about food trucks & others using twitter.


Zone A – Stone Arch Bridge / Main St





Zone B – Downtown Minneapolis


Zone C – Walker / Loring





Zone D – MIA / MCAD / Greenway





Zone E – University of Minnesota



Food Trucks:







@Milkweed_Books – They are running a contest after midnight where you can win books